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Cash Is Not Trash

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At Ganeeden Metals, we're here to provide you with a safe venue to bring any leftover scrap metal you may have at your home or business. We prepare your once obsolete metal, and make it usable for different mills and foundries to recreate back into its original, metallic mold. The best part: You get paid for bringing in the material! Contact us today to learn about all our services we can provide you.

•  Iron

•  Copper wire

•  Brass aluminum

•  Catalytic converters

•  Electric motors

•  Stainless steel

•  Heat resistant alloys

•  Purchase copper

Don't know what to do with scrap metal? Bring it to us!

What types of metal can we recycle?

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Have you had recent plumbing work done to your home or are you a classic car junkie who has done some recent stainless steel work to your favorite vehicle? Bring the leftover scrap metal to us at Ganeeden Metals, where we'll pay you to have your trash made anew!